What Is Optogenetics? Total Mind Control Technology. Here's How They Do It!

November 26, 2023 508 Views

It’s ALL connected! Holy shit! This explains why our street lights and car headlights have been switched to LED. The purple lights may have been a stage in the experiment to see how we react in traffic. It’s all about controlling and connecting our thoughts and reactions.

My question is, even if we have refused the covid jabs, how can we know if we have been graphonized? How can we find out if we been infused with the cyber backbone tech from way back in the 90s?

What is Elon Musk’s part in it all when he talks about Neural Network? No wonder people are hearing voices that nobody else can. Switching from tube TV to digital signals and LED screens was part of it! They are fucking with us. I knew all of these rollouts in the last 20 years were connected, but I couldn’t see the true intent until now.