VidGambit Guidelines

VidGambit Guidelines

Welcome to Vidgambit, a content sharing platform and associated services. Vidgambit aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.

These Guidelines give an overview of the behaviour that is expected from you and the rest of the Vidgambit community. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing with and accepting these Community Guidelines in their entirety. They should be read and understood in conjunction with Our Commitment to the Vidgambit community.

Respect & Decency

All members of the community and wider society should be treated as equals with the same rights, regardless of their race, age, sex, religion, political beliefs, or any other immutable attribute or self-assigned designation.

We expect members of the Vidgambit community to act maturely and in a decent manner that is respectful to other members of the community and wider society.
Personal Responsibility

As an individual, you are responsible for your own actions, and you will be held accountable for any content that you add to the Vidgambit platform, along with any related metadata such as titles, descriptions, thumbnails, hashtags, etc. Put a warning on video if necessary.

You are not responsible for the actions of others on the site; however, you are expected to consider that others may be influenced and/or incited by the content you produce.

It is the responsibility of the content creator to ensure that they do not add content that violates the Prohibited Content or Platform Misuse guidelines, and that any content that they do add to the Vidgambit platform has the correct Sensitivity. Just put a warning label if need be

All members of the Vidgambit community have a responsibility to each other to ensure these guidelines are always complied with.

Compliance with Law

You own and are legally responsible for all the content you add to the Vidgambit platform.

We expect members of the Vidgambit community to follow the laws of their country pertaining to online conduct, communication and content. Vidgambit will respect applicable laws pertaining to online communications.

Before sharing content on Vidgambit, please be sure you have the right to do so. We expect you to respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights of third parties. You are expected to reference applicable fair use laws appropriately when adding content to the Vidgambit platform. See the Copyright Policy below for more details on how we handle copyright.

When requested to do so by the authorities, we may apply filters on specific content that is considered illegal within their country.

All Creators should put a warning label up if they think some people cant handle the video. Everyone on the site should be at least 16 or older and 18 if they have an account. We are all adults here

Content containing discriminatory language, drug use, nudity and/or moderate violence should be marked with a warning

Material that contains graphic content, which should be viewed with discretion, again, add a warning

Prohibited Content

Any individuals, organizations or other entities that are engaged in the following activities are not permitted to have a presence on the platform.

Any material that is produced by, endorsing, empowering or otherwise promoting individuals, organizations or any other entity engaging in the following activities is not permitted on the platform.

Posting, celebrating, endorsing, glorifying, denying the existence of, linking to or otherwise promoting content containing the following activities is strictly prohibited on the platform. Repeated offences will lead to account suspension or termination.

If you discover any such material on Vidgambit, then we expect you to report it to us immediately using the email

We acknowledge that showing and/or referencing instances of the following activities may be necessary to hold the perpetrators to account. If this is your objective then you must clearly state this within the content, be respectful to victims and ensure that your content cannot be exploited to endorse, empower or otherwise promote individuals, organizations or any other entity engaging in such activities.

Abhorrent Violence

Defined as real-life non-consensual acts of kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, mutilation, rape or torture.

Animal Cruelty

As defined in the harm of animal welfare

Child Abuse or Endangerment

Defined as the abuse, sexualization, endangerment, exploitation of children or any other type of offence as stated by law.


Defined as any harassment that is determined to be unlawful within the country of either the originator or the target. This includes disclosure of sensitive personal information without permission of the individual, including but not limited to addresses, social security numbers, passport numbers, phone numbers or bank account numbers.

Harmful Activities

Defined as the injection / ingestion of dangerous substances, self-harm, suicide and other activities that are intended to lead to someone getting badly hurt or worse.

Incitement to Hatred

This applies to any material likely to incite hatred against a group of persons or a member of a group of persons

Sexually Explicit

Defined as real, simulated or otherwise portrayed content containing sexual intercourse, sexual acts or sexual arousal.

Terrorism & Violent Extremism

Defined as any act of violence or intimidation carried out with the intention of furthering a religious, political or any other ideological objective.

Entities that have been designated under counter terrorism legislation will be blocked within the jurisdiction of the relevant nation state or international organization. In addition, those designated by Canada, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Nations, will be prohibited on the platform.

Vidgambit maintains and publishes a Prohibited Entities List that contains entities that Vidgambit has independently identified and explicitly prohibited on the platform under this guideline. As this list will evolve over time, we suggest that all users regularly check it to ensure they are not breaching the guidelines.

Threats or Incitement to Violence

Defined as containing threats of violence or likely to incite violence.

Platform Misuse

Misuse of the platform and/or the functionality provided is not permitted and should be reported using the when discovered. The following are some examples of what we consider to be misuse of the platform:

Coordinated group attacks with the aim to shame, silence or otherwise shut down other users.

Manipulation of metrics such as views, likes and/or subscriptions. When this is detected such metrics will be adjusted to compensate.

Creating misleading titles, descriptions, tags, or thumbnails in order to increase views or otherwise trick users into viewing your content.

Claiming a username, channel name or other similar entity on the site with the intention to trade it, exploit its similarity to another or otherwise trick users into viewing your content.

Attempts to scam others out of their earnings, views, votes or anything else.

Posting large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages. Posting the same content more than once or twice may be considered spam.

Any action taken by Vidgambit or its staff whilst enforcing these Community Guidelines is at our sole discretion and is not a legal opinion. Any reference to external definitions, legislation, or other material is for reference purposes only. We reserve the right to remove content for reasons not currently defined within these Community Guidelines.

All Standard stuff for most websites. Just don’t be asinine and use some thinking when posting on the fence stuff. So add a warning in description or title or at beginning of video. Thanks for reading!