About us

We/I are just a WEBSITE PLATFORM for people to host their videos. We DO NOT believe in big censorship and we/I do not belong to any organization of group or any sort that has anything to do with this website. We/I just want you to enjoy yourself and be able to post your videos without it being taken down. That’s just B.S, sites that do that!

You can pretty well post anything here. Just no sex, rape, child sexuality or threatening to kill someone in a video etc. Standard for all platforms. Because if you do The law gets wind of it, they come after us then we/I have to do a bunch of BS work etc and they will try and get you. So just use your discretion,

In the future we want to get a dedicated server so things will be much better and safer for all of us. Right now, we/I are putting size limit on videos you can upload (200Mb). You can embed and also use URLs in your profile when you upload. We/I will also be setting up a way to donate if people would like to so we can get and maintain a dedicated server at all times. This will allow any size videos. If the video exists somewhere else already, just use the URL or embed code instead of uploading it local. It saves space and bandwidth.

Again THANK YOU for all that respect the site and anybody that helps out with things. Hope to speak with people in the comments!