How To Upload

I would ask that if a video already exists on a website to just use the URL code or Embed code, available in your “Post Video” section. This way the site can save space and bandwidth as we are just starting out.

Our Goal is to get a dedicated serve. Then people can upload locally a lot more and be better protected. We will be accepting donations at (e-transfers and PayPal) to help do this and when things get more organized we will have different levels of donating if people choose with different rewards etc. All levels will be the same access to site. Except the donor levels will get extra things like promotion to other sites by us and material goods etc.


1. If you do not follow this your videos will be missing thumbnails. We are separating the thumbnails for video in our folders on the local server. So please follow the guide on how to do it.

2. Uploads will be limited to 200Mb until we can get a better server. Just use Handbrake and compress to a WebM file. These files work great and can get small

Always put a THUMBNAIL

3. If you need to go back and put a thumbnail in you can by hit edit in video section. The line beside the video in question.

Failure to follow these steps will result in No Thumbnail and you will have a blank thumbnail video. This will change once we get a dedicated server!

The type of format you can upload are: MP4, HLS, MPEG-DASH, WebM and OGV.

If you upload to self host any other video type, it probably wont work.

Thanks for reading and joining the site. If ya can help with donations Great! we need a dedicated server. You can also read the about sections and Recent news to find out whats going on with the site as we keep progressing. Any ideas are welcomed and/or help. We/I want to make this a REAL community site!