If you would like to help donate. Please use e-transfers or Paypal etc. setup for donations.

To donate send e-transfers to

Don’t forget to include the e-transfer password in the email if you use one.

Thank you all for the help. We will get a dedicated server in the future so we can be a better community and be better protected for our content and stuff. many changes will be going on with the website in the future. This is just the start!

If you make a $25.00 donation. We will send you a tube of pure natural toothpaste (nobody has this yet)

If you make a $50.00 donation. We will send you 2 tubes of pure natural toothpaste

If you don’t want the toothpaste with your donation, lets us know.

If you do want the toothpaste, leave a note with your donation with your address and what name you use.

the toothpaste is a way for us to give something rare, while giving a donation. We will have more info on this soon.